Our company is constantly evolving and growing. We provide
a wide range of services such as retail, wholesale,
catered events, weddings, and individual sales.
Our company is devoted to its product and to achieving the highest  
quality cheesecakes for our customers. We strive for excellence and
integrity in all of our business endeavors and interactions with our
customers.  The heart of our company is to provide the most incredible
desert that brings joy to all.  We want all of our customers to love our
"California Cheesecakes in a Cup" as much as we do!
Our Mission

The creator and owner of California Cheesecakes in a Cup®  is Vonda
Lee.  She grew up on a small farm.  As a young child in Oklahoma, she
took her allowance to the "big town" diner while her mother shopped. She
couldn't wait to taste the wonderful dessert that she had found there.
Years after that diner closed, she could not find her favorite cheesecake
again.  So she recreated the recipe as close as possible to that wonderful
childhood memory. She sold "Oklahoma Miniature Cheesecakes' as a 2nd
& 3rd job to help raise her children as a single mother.  After making
California her home, "California Cheesecakes in a Cup" was born as it is
About us
About our business

California Cheesecakes in a Cup®       
Carlsbad, CA  760-518-8492
Thanks again to all of our wonderful customers!
Vonda Lee's
California Cheesecakes in a Cup®